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Kr plastic surgery necklift

Neck Lift

Loss of a youthful, sharp jaw line and definition at the angle of the neck are some of the hallmarks of aging. Whether from fat accumulation, sagging skin or a combination the appearance is unflattering. Neck lift surgery corrects the effects of aging by restoring your youthful contours. There are several different neck lift techniques available depending on your individual needs. After a personalized and detailed consultation, Dr. Ruhge will recommend the best method to achieve the look you desire.

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Client Testimonial

"Dr. Ruhge is a true professional. I had lost the definition between my neck and jaw. You could not tell where one ended and the other began. After my surgery I once again have a distinct neck and jaw. The scars are barely visible and I have stopped wearing scarves and turtle necks all the time. Dr. Ruhge and his staff are wonderful and I highly recommend him." - R.A.

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The Surgery

If the loss of neck contours is the result of fat accumulation alone and the skin tone is good, liposuction alone, through tiny access incisions, may be used to lift and recontour the neck. If laxity of skin and neck muscle banding are involved then a surgical procedure to redrape the skin and suspend the muscles is often indicated. Inconspicuous incisions are placed in front of and occasionally behind the ears. Dr. Ruhge will advise you on which technique best satisfies your needs. Neck lifts are usually performed as an outpatient procedure in a fully accredited surgery center. Anesthesia is administered by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist.

After Surgery

Following surgery you are cared for by a registered nurse in the surgery center recovery room. Once you are fully awake a friend or relative may take you home. If liposuction alone was used a compression garment will be placed over the dressings. If the neck skin and muscles were redraped and tightened the wounds will be covered with bandages and two small drains will be in place to remove any fluid that may collect under the skin. The drains are removed at your first post-operative visit. You are seen at frequent intervals during the first few weeks and months following surgery to ensure proper healing. Swelling and bruising usually resolve within two weeks. Dr. Ruhge recommends allowing two weeks for recovery before returning to work. You may begin light exercise after three weeks and strenuous exercise after five weeks. The final look and feel after a neck lift takes approximately three months.

Related Procedures

Neck lift surgery is often performed along with other procedures such as eyelid rejuvenation (blepharoplasty), facelift and/or brow lift.

If you would like to learn more about Neck Lift surgery, we invite you to meet with Dr. Ruhge for a private consultation at our office in Pasadena by calling 626.397.9095, or by scheduling an appointment online.