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Pasadena Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy)

Drooping and loss of breast volume may be the result of pregnancy, weight loss or genetic predisposition. Regardless of the cause, a breast lift surgery can restore the breasts to their natural shape and position on the chest. If more volume is required to restore the fullness of your breasts or if you wish to have larger breasts, implants can be combined with a lift to recreate a full and youthful shape. The type of breast lift surgery and the incisions used depend on the amount of drooping and breast skin tone. Dr. Ruhge in Pasadena will explain all of the different breast lift procedures options available and help you choose the one that is best for you.

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“After 2 children my breasts were destroyed. I underwent a breast augmentation with a lift and could not be more happy. I have my body back. Dr. Ruhge was great. I knew I had the right doctor immediately. He was completely professional and instantly made me feel comfortable. I have recommended him to all of my friends.” (D.W.)

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The Breast Lift Surgery

The type of breast lift surgery and the incisions used depend on the amount of drooping as well as whether an implant will be used or not. The incisions used for the breast lift are also used for placement of the implants. The implants are usually placed beneath the chest muscle (subpectoral or submuscular augmentation) which looks most natural and is less likely to produce scar tissue. When there is only a small amount of droop an incision around the areola alone is used (circumareolar lift). If the degree of droop is more substantial, then a vertical incision is added extending from the lower edge of the areola to the breast fold (vertical or lollipop lift). If the amount of drooping is severe then an additional incision along the fold of the breast is necessary to reshape and reposition the breasts. Breast lift with or without augmentation is performed as an outpatient procedure in a fully accredited surgery center. Anesthesia is administered by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist.

After Surgery

Following surgery you are cared for by a registered nurse in the surgery center recovery room. Once you are fully awake a friend or relative may take you home. The incisions will be bandaged and the chest wrapped with an elastic dressing. You are seen at frequent intervals during the first few weeks and months following surgery to ensure proper healing. Most of the sutures used are absorbable. Those that are not are removed at one week and three weeks. Dr. Ruhge recommends most people take one week off of work as long as your profession doesn’t require strenuous activity or heavy lifting. You may resume light exercise after three weeks. Dr. Ruhge recommends waiting for five weeks to resume vigorous exercise to allow for proper healing. The final shape and form of your breasts following breast lift is seen after approximately three months. Throughout the entire process Dr. Ruhge will guide you and advise you regarding all matters related to your surgery and recovery.

Related Procedures

Breast Lift is often performed as an isolated procedure. However, if a patient desires additional plastic surgical treatment such as tummy tuck, liposuction or facial rejuvenation this can be combined in select cases.

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